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Common Misconceptions About HCG Drops and HCG Diet

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and contrary to what most people believe that only pregnant women produce them, both men and non-pregnant women also produce HCG at low levels. The HCG, in HCG drops and other forms, is gathered (in a laboratory and no pregnant woman was harmed), dried, and turned into a powder. The powder is then processed into a form that is safe for the body to take in.

HCG diet has already helped lots of people to lose weight, but there are still misconceptions and myths regarding its valuable help.

The Myth that is Low in Nutrition

HCG DietThere are people who claim that it is impossible for HCG diet to give the right amount of nutrition that an individual needs. Perhaps, the misconception surfaced because of the fact that a dieter needs to consume only 500 calories a day for HCG drops to give a desirable result. Know that, even if the calorie intake is limited, the dieter can still get the nutrients that her body needs.

There may be some cases where HCG dieters might experience protein or calcium deficiency, but no more than that. So far, no serious case has been reported that could be deemed as a major problem.

The Required Calorie Intake is not Good

There are people who say that the 500 calorie requirement per day could hinder a person’s physiological activity. Know that you won’t be required to stick to the 500-calorie diet through the entire duration of the diet program.

The 500 calories per day intake is strictly required only during the initial or early phase of the HCG drops diet program. In the final phase of the diet program, you are allowed to go back (bit by bit) to your usual calorie intake. Follow the protocol and avoid cheating.

Foods in HCG Diet are Bland

HCG recipesIt’s a popular belief that the foods in HCG diet are bland and taste awful. This is probably true for someone who doesn’t know how to cook or where to find appetizing HCG recipes.

There are a lot of HCG recipes that come in full flavor without making you feel guilty about defying the HCG diet program protocol.

It’s Back to Square One when you Failed to Take your HCG Diet for the Day

There are beliefs that someone following an HCG diet will go back to square one when she failed to follow the HCG diet plan. There are ways that you can get back on track without “cheating”, and you need to refrain from doing something that could tempt you to cheat. The HCG diet program has provided some ways to help you get back when you face a certain situation where it is inevitable to skip the scheduled diet. Some of the situations that could make you skip your HCG diet are important company events, family gathering, and the likes.

Your Decision

The misconceptions regarding HCG diet are far from the truth. The people who are trying to discredit the diet program will do everything they can to mislead others. But, you also need to keep in mind that these people might have been victims of shady HCG manufacturers, thus, the reason why they say things about HCG.

You also need to consider that you need to give your full cooperation to make the diet program works for you. You can’t simply take HCG in drop form and do nothing about your eating habits. HCG has the power to suppress your appetite, and not what your brain tells your body to do.

If you will keep on eating the same amounts of food, then your brain will keep on telling your body to feel hungry and feed whenever possible. HCG might not be able to suppress your appetite when your brain tells your body to just eat as it pleases.

When you start your HCG drops diet program, make sure to see it through the end. It can help you achieve a fit and healthy body, and get more out of life.